What is the difference between official Legal Run race and Global Legal Run flash mob?

Official Legal Run races are held centrally in a certain city in a certain place. So, Moscow races in different years were held in Novodevichy Park, at VDNH, in Sokolniki and Skolkovo. Participants of the official race register on the site of the city, on the day of the start get a breast plate with a chip and run a strictly defined distance. Their results are evaluated by professional team of judges, the winners in the men's and women's competitions are determined. The winners are awarded at the end of the race. The official races also have ambulance services and police, other administrative services of the city are notified in advance. On the day of the race there is an entertainment program, a music concert, animation for children.

Global Legal Run flash mobs are held in individual format: wherever you are, you can gather a small company or run alone any distance in your favorite Park or on the embankment, making a voluntary donation to the "Gift of life" foundation (sister charity of “Podari Zhizn” in the UK).

I want to print a logo of the Global Legal Run flash mob on a t-shirt, where can I find the logo? Can I also add the logo of my own company on the t-shirt?

You can download the Global Legal Run logo in any file format on the site of the Global Legal Run or through this link. We do not forbid the participants to use their own logos for putting on sports attributes, but we ask you not to distort the main Global Legal Run logo, not to change the proportions of elements in the logo, not to add new elements to it and not to change the color.

Flash mobs are held without an official organizer, unlike centralized races. Who in this case will bear legal and administrative liability for any force majeure that may arise during the flash mob?
Any liability while participating in the international flash mob Global Legal Run rests on you personally. We recommend not to run in a large group and follow the safety rules, so as not to attract the attention of law enforcement agencies.
Is participation in Legal Run allowed to lawyers only?
Of course, no. Not only lawyers, but their colleagues, friends, members of their families and neighbors can take part in the runs! :-)
What can I do, if I do not run, but still want to help?

If you cannot run but wish to support children in the “Podari Zhizn” charity's care, please make any voluntary donation under "I will help, but won’t run" button on our website or directly on “Gift of Life” campaign page. Any funds transferred by you will be counted as the amount collected within Legal Run campaign.

Thank you for your help!

You can donate using your mobile phone. Send an SMS with the amount and the keyword to the short number 6162. For example 100 RUN or 1000 RUN.

ATTENTION ! When making a donation, you must use the keyword RUN. Please enter the keyword in the correct format to help us identify your donation as quickly as possible.