Sibir Legal Run 2015 on the Embankment

Novosibirsk, Embankment
31 May 2015, 9:30

Distance: 3 km

On 31 May 2015 on the Embankment (near the Gorodskoye Nachalo park) the lawyers charity run – Sibir’ Legal Run was held.

The run was held on the Embankment – one of the most popular places of Novosibirsk dwellers and guests – stretching for several kilometers along the Ob river recreation area with lots of green planting, fun fares and cafes.

Official Run Results

3 km Distance


  • First Place: Konstantin Vidma (00:10:10.9)
  • Second Place: Ivan Simonenko (00:10:25.8)
  • Third Place: Gennady Lepekhin (00:10:55.4)


  • First Place: Maria Azarova (00:12:50.3)
  • Second Place: Viktoria Vasilyeva (00:12:59.4)
  • Third Place: Katya Surtaeva (00:13:06.6)

Rules of the Run

Rules of the Run

Size: 270.3 Kb


Size: 0.0 Kb

We are grateful for the help

The steering committee of the Sibir’ Legal Run 2015 represented by Irina Grebneva, Irina Ilduganova, David Eranosyan and Victor Prokhorov expresses its  deepest and sincere gratitude to all the parties involved in the project:

For support:

Department of Culture, Sport, and Youth Policy of the Mayor's Office of Novosibirsk for assistance in arrangement of the event and personally to the Department Head Sergey Aleksandrovich Akhapov, Marina Nikolaevna Kurnosova

Administration of the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk for the opportunity to organize the charity Run on the City Embankment and for the assistance in the event organization, and personally to Head of Administration of the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk Petr Ivanovich Prokudin, Chief Expert of the Education Department of Administration of the Oktyabrsky district Marina Vladimirovna Ostreinova, Deputy Head of Administration of the Oktyabrsky district for social work Svetlana Nikolaevna Shlepneva

Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation for the support for the second year in a row and personally to its President - Yuri Pilipenko

Special Thanks

To Lina Anatolievna Cheryasova - 1994 Olympics champion, 1993 World Champion, knight of Mehnat Shuhrati order, Honored Master of Sports of Russia (2006), 1990 and 1991 USSR champion

To the legal partners:

Grebneva and Partners Law Office, Solomon Law Office, Novosibirsk City Bar Association, INKO Intellectual Property Rights Protection Agency, LEXPROF Law Office for financial support of the charity Sibir’ Legal Run 2015

To the partners:

Avizenna Medical Center for medical support of the event and personally to Director General Vladimir Marianovich Zaborsky

Podrazdelenie D Security Holding for assistance in ensuring public order and personally to President Victor Lvovich Ovchinnikov

Pure Water Company for provision of water and personally to Director Yury Vladimirovich Menukhov

as well as for financial support of the event to: VIRA-Stroy Construction Company and personally to Director Mikhail Pavlovich Postnikov; PMK-1 Company and personally to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Victor Ivanovich Smirnov; Novosibirskgrazhdanstroy Company and personally to Director General Andrey Georgievich Erkhan 

Natalia Eranosyan for assistance in creating wonderful visual content of the event Kuzina Tea Rooms for assistance in provision snacks to the participants and personally to Julia Ruchnova and Director Evgenia Aleksandrovna Golovkova Kupino Ice-cream Plant for provision of sweet prizes in the form of tasty and healthy (!) preservatives free ice-cream and personally to Marketing Director Maria Korzhenevskaya Solnechny Gorod Charity Fund ( project) and personally to Julia Poimanova

To the information partners:

Business Life Center Information and Analytical Agency

To the team:

Kirill Belov (photo), Shota Nemsadze (DJ), Dmitry Tsvetkov (presenter), Novosibirsk RegionOrienteering Federation and personally to Petr Zakharov, Novosibirsk Region Athletics Federation and personally to Dmitry Kolesnikov

To the volunteers:

Anfisa Kokorina and Valeria Degtyareva (INKO Intellectual Property Rights Protection Agency), Alena Knyazeva, Sofia Knyazeva (student of Novosibirsk State University) Vlad Kalmutsky (Law Office)

We are so proud that we managed to do everything for the Legal Run 2015 to succeed and brought so much good into our lives!


The run is arranged by the group of Novosibirian lawyers who are aware of importance to support charity projects.

The run will be held in compliance with all the rules and standards of conduct for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.

The run results will be reflected in the final minutes.

By support of

Федеральная палата адвокатов РФ
Управление физической культуры и спорта мэрии Новосибирска

Legal partners

Гребнева и партнеры
Новосибирская городская коллегия адвокатов
Лекс Проф


Подразделение Д
Вира Строй
Чистая вода
Офисно-складской комплекс
Про детство
Кафе-кондитерские "Кузина"
PerfektSport. Магазины спортивной одежды и товаров.

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