About Moscow Legal Run 2014

On 31 May 2014, Moscow Legal Run, the first charity run among the lawyers, took place in the Novodevichie prudy picturesque park for the 5 km and 10 km distance. The event was coincided with the 150th anniversary of the Russian Advocacy, as well as with the Children's Day. The representatives of the Russian and foreign law firms and companies participated in the run, many of them in the format of the corporate teams – overall more than 500 persons.

Within the framework of the project we managed to raise more than 500 thousand roubles which have been transferred to the Gift of Life charity fund to support Ansorjohn Asrorov– a two-year-old baby boy from Tajikistan diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Ansorjohn got through treatment in the Russian Oncological Scientific Center named after N.N.Blokhin at the beginning of 2014. The boy carried over the therapy rather good: there were some complications, but he succeeded to get through them in time. In summer 2014 Ansorjohn was dismissed provided that the child shall be regularly brought for follow-up examinations. The last examination took place in December, the results gave hope both to parents and to doctors. The boy is in remission now, no elements of tumor growth are discovered. The state of child’s health is normal.

The winners of the run:

10K  (8 circles, 1250 meters each)


  • The 1. place : Ben Taylor (00:35:46.0)
  • The 2. place : Andrey Zhukov (00:35:51.0)
  • The 3. place : Dmitry Erokhin (00:37:14.0)


  • The 1. place: Anna Novitzkaja (00:43:44.7)
  • The 2. place : Svetlana Gromadskaja (00:46:22.8)
  • The 3. place : Ekaterina Tretjakova (00:46:39.2)


5K (4 circles, 1250 meters each)


  • The 1. place: Andrey Zhukov (00:18:10.6)
  • The 2. place: Alexander Nektorov (00:18:20.5)
  • The 3. place: Dmitry Erokhin (00:18:44.2)


  • The 1. place: Elena Likhacheva (00:20:01.3)
  • The 2. place: Ekaterina Gorbunova (00:21:04.7)
  • The 3. place: Irina Otrokhova (00:22:20.1)

The results of other participants are available at: http://moscowlegalrun.ru/itogi.pdf

Except winning places among men and women for the 5 km and 10 km distances the jury determined the most colorful race participant of Moscow Legal Run – it was Tatiana Borisova – and awarded her with a special price for the best costume.

Due to the high rating of this event by the professional legal community and numerous positive feedbacks of participants, guests and volunteers this run received the status of the annual federal and international project: this very day parallel to Moscow in several Russian cities and in London under the egis of Legal Run 2015 the lawyers in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Novosibirsk start running as well.

The organizers of the 2014 run - Andrey Korelskiy, Mikhail Uspenskiy, Irina Bulygina, Irina Paliy and Vasiliy Egorov express gratitude for support to:

State Autonomous Institution of Culture of Moscow, Ermitage Moscow City Garden for possibility to organize the charity run in the Novodevichie prudy park; Russian Federal Chamber of Attorneys for support of our initiative; Yury Kulakin and Rail Service company for support of the project. All volunteers: Natalia Starovoytova, Daria Chernysh, Anastasia Pichugina, Irina Suspitsina, Daria Ljubinskaja, Ilia Dedkovskiy, Ekaterina Malysheva, Alexandra Lunevaya, Yulia Kirpikova, Ivan Tretyak, Roman Vlasov, Olesya Shevchenko, Ivan Kononov, Vlad Malyshev, Yulia Simkina, Veronika Oleynikova, Alexander Trifonov and Lyobov Ivanova. Ultra runner Dmitry Erokhin for consulting in relation to several issues with organization of the run. Our info partners: Jurist Kompanii magazine, Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta, Lexpro, Korporativnyj Jurist magazine, Zakon.ru, Russian Arbitration Association, Pravo.ru and Casebook and to Legal Insight magazine. As well as all who participated in the shot of the promo movie: Mikhail Eremenko, Ivan Apatov, Pavel Samsonov, Evgenia Yakovleva.

To recall the 2014 run you may refer to Multimedia section

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