Legal Run 2024

11th International Lawyers' Charity Race Legal Run 2024

Dear friends, we are immensely happy to announce that this year, Legal Run, the 11th International Lawyers' Charity Race, takes place on 18 May 2024 in Moscow.

For the first time, Meshchersky Park with the area of 465+ ha becomes the venue of the run. It is a perfect place for outdoor activities, offering a nice fusion of wonderful nature, breathtaking landscapes, mature infrastructure that fits seamlessly into the natural environment, and multiple sports and entertainment facilities. The route of the 5 km and 10 km race will sprawl through the green surroundings of the park – wide alleys and openings that have gained popularity among running enthusiasts.

Legal Run is an unrivalled fund-raising project. From 2014, it brings together members of the professional legal community to support the fosterlings of the Podari Zhizn (Grant the Gift of Life) charity foundation and a few regional foundations.

Throughout its history, Legal Run project has managed to obtain the unprecedented geographical footprint, from Blagoveshchensk to Kaliningrad. To date, we have received race confirmations from our associates in Blagoveshchensk, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Tyumen and Limassol. The list of cities is updated daily. We expect proactive lawyers from your cities!

The races annually attract members of law firms, in-house corporate legal services, students and professors of law schools - altogether, 22,000+ lawyers from 150+ cities and 30+ countries have run their Legal Run in 2014-2023. Many get involved as members of corporate teams.

The project is arranged by a professional squad of lawyers, marketing specialists, experts in sports events, volunteers, and others who care. The races are run pursuant to sports protocols, in compliance with all the rules and standards of sports events.

The fees will be collected during online registration for the race. As ever, donations from the runners will be sent directly to the Podari Zhizn charity and some other associate foundations from the regions. The amount collected and those of the care recipients who get the target treatment aid in 2024 will be announced on 1 June, the International Children's Day.

Run. Smile. Help 

Online registration opens in April, of which we issue a separate notice.

The top-tier trade and business media will cover the event.

On matters of partnership, for volunteers and media:

Organising Committee of the Legal Run 2024 International Charity Race

Lika Voyskovaya Mob.: +7 (926) 590 73 53






Select a city of the race

16 May 2020


Legal Run in Skolkovo Innovation Center

23 May 2020
St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

SPb Legal Run 2019 in Saint-Petersburg

24 May 2020


Ural Legal Run in Ekaterinburg



6 June 2020


25 May 2020


Sibir' Legal Run 2019 Charity Run in Novosibirsk

8 June 2020


Amur Legal Run 2019 Сharity Run in Blagoveshchensk

› 27 mln rubles raised during Legal Run in 2014-2023

97 critically ill children from various regions of Russia and foreign countries got necessary treatment

› 30  countries took part in races in 2014-2023

› 22 000 lawyers ran across the globe in 2014-2023

› 150      cities took part      
in races in 2014-2023

With us

>150 cities 30 countries 22 000 runners in 2014-2023
Cities where Global Legal Run 2014-2023 flash mobs of lawyers took place

Official partners

Качкин и Партнеры
Land Law Firm
Гин и партнеры
Лемчик Крупский
Kulik & Partners Law.Economics
АБ "Забейда и партнеры"
Томашевская и партнеры

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