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Legal Run 2022 will be Held in a Hybrid Format of Corporate Flash Mobs

Dear friends, The organising committee of the Legal Run International Charity Run of Lawyers made a difficult but still necessary decision in the context of the ongoing pandemic not to hold full-scale organised mass races in Russian and foreign cities this year, but to arrange corporate flash mobs of lawyers and their friends in various cities and countries, just like in 2020 and 2021.

“We were all waiting for an improvement in the epidemiological situation this year, but so far this has not happened, moreover, waves of incidence of new strains continue to come up on a regular basis. The safety of participants and organisers of the races will always be above our desire to personally meet at the races, because Legal Run is, first of all, about health. We are getting ready for flash mobs, but we hope to meet in 2023!” said the project organisers.

Participants will be able to hold corporate friendly races in compliance with the recommended sanitary restrictions involving publications of logos, photos, and videos from such races on the Legal Run website from 1 May to 1 June 2022. Upon completion of all flash mobs, a traditional consolidated video will be made.

Since it is not planned to build a stage, rent sports equipment, or bear any other significant expenses for organising the races this year, the amount of the recommended partner contribution from a law firm, bar association, or company will be symbolic – at least RUB 20,000 for Moscow, at least RUB 10,000 for St. Petersburg, and at least RUB 5,000 for other cities. Donations will be transferred directly to the Give Life Charitable Foundation under a targeted donation agreement for the Legal Run project. The total amount of donations and the fund’s wards to receive the targeted assistance for treatment this year will become know on the Children’s Day to be celebrated on 1 June.

Participants can register for the race in early April on the Legal Run website. We will announce the start of registration for companies and lawyers on the website and in social networks.

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Legal Run is the first international charity run, which has united representatives of the professional community of lawyers from all over the world to support the wards of the Give Life Charitable Foundation and several regional foundations since 2014.

Russian and foreign law firms, bar associations, internal legal departments of companies, students and teachers of law departments at Universities annually take part in the race held in various cities of the world.

Over 17,000 lawyers from 120 cities and 25 states took part in the races from 2014 till 2021. More than RUB 21 million has been donated for the project existence period. 80 seriously ill children from different regions of Russia and foreign countries have received the necessary treatment for this money.

You can donate using your mobile phone. Send an SMS with the amount and the keyword to the short number 6162. For example 100 RUN or 1000 RUN.

ATTENTION ! When making a donation, you must use the keyword RUN. Please enter the keyword in the correct format to help us identify your donation as quickly as possible.