London, Primrose Hill Park

London, Primrose Hill
31 May 2015, 9:30

The key sports event of the legal society working with CIS markets in London – London Legal Run – was held on 31 May 2015 at Primrose Hill, the park which is located on the northern side of Regent's Park. The Run started right behind the top of the hill, which is one of the six protected viewpoints in London. The Run followed a route around the park between the beautiful trees that are kept low so as not to obscure the magnificent view. 

Awards were granted to the following winners:

  • 1-st place: Koverchenko Phillip (00:18:52)
  • 2-nd place: Sedykh Mikhail (00:20:28)
  • 3-rd place: Amitai-Hecht Niv (00:25:04)
  • 1-st place: Perevoshchikova Ekaterina (00:24:23)
  • 2-nd place: Garner Viktoria (00:25:36)
  • 3-rd place: Fedotova Jane (00:28:39)


(Size: 75.6 Kb)

Rules of the Run

Rules of the Run

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Size: 142.4 Kb

We would like to say thank you

The Organising Committee (Jane Fedotova, Daria Sakhno and Ksenia Bobkova) are very grateful to those who supported the Legal Run 2015 in London and helped to organise the event this year. We would like to say thank you to:

For giving us permission to run in the Primrose Hill Park:

The Royal Parks, an Executive Agency of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

For support of the event, media coverage and assistance in organising the event:

Russians in the City, networking society uniting professionals working with CIS markets

For the t-shirts and prizes:

Eurasian Linguistic Services, translation agency

For media coverage and support:

RYUMKA, networking society uniting arbitration lawyers

For media coverage and great photos:

Russian GAP, a journal in London

For volunteering their assistance:

Mariana Nesis, Yulia Emelianenko and Maria Andryushchenko

And finally, we would like to say special thank you to Anastasia Pichugina, who came from Moscow to support us in London!  

We are very proud that we made this event happen and are looking forward to running again together next year.


The Run is organised by the team of lawyers-runners, marketing managers, volunteers and other people thrilled by sport and “smart charity”.  The Run is organised in accordance with Sports rules and in coordination with organisers of Moscow Legal Run 2015.

By support of

Russian in the city


Eurasian Linguistic Services

Media partners

Русскоязычные юристы в Международной Коммерческом Арбитраже

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