Sibir' Legal Run 2017 Charity Run in Novosibirsk 

Distance : 1,5 km, 3 km

On 27 May, 2017 the main sports event of the Novosibirsk legal community - Sibir’ Legal Run - was held on the Mikhailovskaya embankment. The location of the race has become the embankment - one of the favorite resting-places for Novosibirsk dwellers and guests - stretching for several kilometers along the Ob River, a recreation area with lots of green planting, an amusement park, cafes. 

The Race Winners

3 km distance


1-st place: Svetyukov Pavel (00:10:31)

2-nd place: Pohilyuk Artem (00:10:59)

3-rd place: Rumyantsev Alexey (00:11:07)


1-st place: Kuklina Alena (00:12:27)

2-nd place: Polskikh Ksenia (00:13:17)

3-rd place: Kostyakova Tamara (00:14:43)

1,5 km distance


1-st place: Valiulina Galina (00:06:10)

2-nd place: Leontieva Natalia (00:06:12)                                                                   

3-rd place: Sova Polina (00:06:13)


The race is organized by a professional team consisting of lawyers, including Iron Man, marketing experts, volunteers and simply passionate representatives of several Russian law firms who are fond of sports and «smart charity». The race will be held in accordance with the sports protocols in compliance with all the rules and standards of sporting events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, signposts, professional referees team etc. 

We thank for the assistance

The Organising Committee of the International Charitable Lawyers' Run - Sibir Legal Run 2017 represented by Irina Grebneva, Irina Ilduganova, David Yeranosyan and Victor Prokhorov thanks everyone involved in the project:

For the support:

Office of Physical Education and Sports of the Novosibirsk City Administration for its assistance in organising the event

Administration of the Oktyabrsky District of Novosibirsk for the opportunity to hold the charitable run on the Mikhaylovskaya Embankment and for the assistance in organising the event

Legal partners:

LEXPROF law firm, Yusconsult law firm, GRATA International associate office, ARCOM financial and legal group, and Targonskaya, Khmelevskaya, Bartenyev & Partners Bar for their financial and organisational support of the Sibir Legal Run


  • For invaluable support in organising and holding the Run: Avicenna Medical Centre and personally Alexander Arkadievich Yelovsky, D Division and personally Victor Lvovich Ovchinnikov, Vira Stroy Construction Company and personally Mikhail Pavlovich Postnikov, I Love Running Novosibirsk running school and personally Yegor and Xenia Yegoshins, Noringa and personally Yuri Vladimirovich Menukhov
  • for gifts to award winners: Geneva and X-time watch salons and personally Yekaterina Yefanova and Darya Zhizhimova, MyGenetics and personally Vladimir Volobuyev and Alexander Tsvetkovich, Health Compass and personally Dmitry Victorovich Lytkin
  • for refreshments: Kuzina confectionery chain and personally Yevgenia Golovkova and Yulia Ruchnova, Traveler's Coffee and personally Yevgeny Mikhiyenko, Kotelok field kitchen and personally Rustam Damirovich
  • and also Design studio BY NATALYA ERANOSYAN, 9REC production video marketing studio, and VS group Novosibirsk

Info partners:

Business Life Centre information and analytics agency and personally Andrey Kuznetsov


Christina Yelizarova, Yulia Chernova, Xenia Germanova, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Shota Nemsadze and Alexander Ivanov


Anfisa Kokorina, Olga Sonina, Lilia Rylskaya, Darya Polyakova, Anastasia Purvins, Dania Kozhamberliyeva, Maxim Usanin, Ilya Petlyakovsky, Denis Bondarenko, Anna Poltoratskaya, Olga Dobretsova and Valeria Olenberg 

We are really proud that together with you we have done everything for the Legal Run 2017 to happen and bring so much good!

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