Don Legal Run 2017 Сharity Run in Ostrovsky Park

Distance : 3 km, 6 km

The main sporting event of Rostov-on-Don legal community - Don Legal Run - was held on May 20, 2017. The location of Don Legal Run was the Ostrovsky Park - the largest park of culture and leisure in Rostov-on-Don. The run track went through the park’s central part.

The Race Winners

3 km distance


1-st place: Dovzhenko Igor (00:11:03)

2-nd place: Nesterov Sergey (00:11:19)

3-rd place: Proskurin Kirill (00:11:38)


1-st place: Dyachenko Elena (00:12:13)

2-nd place: Boldareva Mariya (00:12:29)         

3-rd place: Magoyan Galina (00:12:51)

6 km distance


1-st place: Sasunov Aleksandr (00:20:57)

2-nd place: Nadein Denis (00:21:20)

3-rd place: Enov Konstantin (00:22:27)    


1-st place: Semkina Valeria (00:26:48)

2-nd place: Yakovenko Marina (00:27:01)

3-rd place: Didenko Darya (00:28:35)              


The race will be arranged by the professional team consisting of lawyers, marketers, volunteers, experts in the sphere of the sports events and simply not indifferent representatives of the business community in Rostov-on-Don. The race will be held in accordance with the sports minutes in compliance with all the rules and standards for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.

We thank for the assistance

The Organising Committee of the International Charitable Run of Lawyers Don Legal Run 2017 represented by Yekaterina Goleva and Marina Toluzarova expresses its deep and sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the project:

For the support:

Physical Education and Sports Office of Rostov-on-Don

Bar of Rostov Region

Legal partners:

Stepanov and Axyuk Law Office, Vash Consultant Law Firm, and JBI Expert Law Firm  for their financial and organisational support of the Don Legal Run 2017


Easy Running school, specifically Natalia Pirogova, Igor Skalariyev and Diana Bugrova

Don State Technical University

Rostov Branch of FGBOUVO Russian State University of Justice

Komstroy Construction Company

RITS Inform Group

Biovetdon (Polza water)

Smart trainer studio, fitness studio

Do-Do Pizza

RRMOO Young Lawyers of Rostov Region

Info partners:,, and project team


Igor Stepanov, Anna Kaluhina, Oleg Proskurin, and Ruben Danov, MC of the Don Legal Run 2017


Students of DSTU, Rostov Branch of FGBOUVO Russian State University of Justice, and RRMOO Young Lawyers of Rostov Region

We are really proud that together with you we have done everything for the Legal Run 2017 to happen and bring so much good!

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