Tyumen Legal Run 2016 Charity Run

Distance: 1 km3 km

On May 29, 2016, the Embankment of the River Tura hosted the main sports event of the legal community of the city of Tyumen – Tyumen Legal Run 2016, an International Charity Run of Lawyers. The site of Tyumen Run has become a unique spot in the city – the only embankment in Russia designed in four levels. A little higher there is a historical square – the place where Tyumen was founded.    

The Race Winners

3 km Distance


First Place: Dmitry Orlik  (00:07:21)

Second Place: Aleksey Lebedev  (00:07:29)

Third Place: Oleg Mamaev  (00:07:36)


First Place: Natalia Khokhlova  (00:08:04)

Second Place: Olga Sukhanova (00:08:19)

Third Place: Sabina Paizulaeva  (00:09:05)

1 km Distance


First Place: Daniil Kolbin  (00:02:52)

Second Place: Mark Vargola (00:02:55)

Third Place: Dmitry Sutupov (00:03:01)


First Place: Nigina Tukhaeva (00:02:54)

Second Place: Maria Kozar (00:02:59)

Third Place: Angelina Yakina (00:03:13) 

The results of all the participants are available in the following score-sheets at the following link.


The race is organized by the association of legal companies of Tyumen region joined in the Union “West Siberian Legal Chamber”. The race will be held in accordance with regulations and observing the standards of conducting a sports activity which implies availability of ambulances, drink points, professional Referee Board and ensuring public order. The results of the race will be reflected in the final protocols. 

We thank for the assistance

The steering committee of the Tyumen Legal Run 2016 expresses its  deepest and sincere gratitude to all the parties involved in the project 

For support:

Tyumen Regional Duma for assistance in arranging the event, and personally to deputy chairman of the Tyumen Regional Duma Gennady Semenovich Korepanov.
Administration of the city of Tyumen, for the opportunity to hold the charity run on the City Embankment, as well as for the assistance in arranging the event, and personally to the Deputy Head of Administration of the city of Tyumen Maxim Viktorovich Afanasyev.
Department of Sport and Youth Policy of the Administration of the city of Tyumen, the Town Council of the Central Administrative District of Administration of the city of Tyumen, and personally Head of Sports Department of the Physical Culture and Sports Committee and the Department of Sport and Youth Policy of the Administration of the city of Tyumen Andrey Vladimirovich Kolychev.
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region 
Tyument Regional Branch Association of Russian Lawyers LLC
SPECIALIZED CHILDREN AND YOUTH SPORTS SCHOOL OF OLYMPIC RESERVE No. 2 for Tyumen, and personally to Director Anton Robertovich Romanov and chief referee of the Run Maksim Vladimirovich Orlov.
Department of Culture of the Tyumen Region
Department of Culture of the Administration of Tyumen

To the legal partners:

PREFISH KK ZAO, Aspect-M LLC, Alex-BIKO Law Firm LLC, Basis Law Firm LLC, Corpus Juris LLC, Svyatogor Law Firm LLC, Top Legal Consulting LLC, Center of Tax Assistance LLC, Business Support Center LLC, Center of Legal Services Law Firm LLC, Maksimov Private Entrepreneur

To the partners:

General Partner Zummer LLC, strategic partner K-Nikom LLC, business partners: Center of the Tax Assistance LLC and Business Support Center LLC, Partner — Partner A KH LLC, presenter Stas Krymov, Photopartner Denis Yakovlev, Videopartner Parom Travel LLC, Air Partner — Go Fly company , refreshing partner Aquatel LLC, running partner — School of proper running I LOVE rUNNING TYUMEN, fitness partner — The team of licensed dance fitness program instructors Zumba, educational partner — network of language centers EUROSCHOOL, Children's partners: International School of Leadership for Youth Jlider, Vesely Prazdnik Company and Image Studio FOX for children, Sport partner — a network of sports clubs CityFitness and CityFox, team Alpha (Federation of Cheerleading of the Tyumen region, the silver medalist of the championship in cheerleading discipline "Cheer-dance" in the Ural and Siberia), recreation center Vodnik — fashion theater Cleopatra.

To the information partners:

General information partner — regional business publishing Tyumen Business Magazine.
Specialized information center — Polnoye Pravo LLC (Regional center of ConsultantPlus in the Tymen Region).
Tyumen Line News Agency, Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, Cottage Direct and Personality Cult journals, weekly publication on construction and real estate Kvartirny Vopros, Megapolis publishing house, portals: Tumix.ru, 1tmn, vsemetri.com, Megatyumen, Poster Business events, Events72.ru, Otdih72.ru, Spletnik72.ru and Tyumen online magazine EGOjournal.ru.     

We are really proud that together with you we have done everything for the Legal Run 2016 to happen and bring so much good!  

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