About the project

Legal Run – first international charity run that has been uniting representatives of the global professional community of lawyers since 2014 in support of children under care of the charitable foundation “Podari Zhizn” and several regional funds.

From May 22 to June 1 in 2021, more than 2,000 lawyers went to the start in more than 70 cities and 10 countries of the world as part of the Global Legal Run 2021 to support the wards of “Podari Zhizn” charity foundation.

It is high time to summarize the eighth Charity Race Legal Run, which was held in the kind of flash mobs due to the duration of restrictions for holding sport and other mass events.

In 2021 more than 100 Russian and foreign law companies supported the Legal Run Project.  In total we managed to collect 3 millions of rubles, and 2,8 of it was given to the fund “Podari Zhizn” for the treatment of 10 children with various oncological diseases: Magomed Magomedov (18 years old, Makhachkala, diagnosis: carcinoma of the nasopharynx), Ilya Eliseev (16 years old, Оrsk, diagnosis: Ewing's sarcom), Ulyana Erofeeva (13 years old, kh. Кalinin, Rostov region, diagnosis: Hodgkin's disease), Denis Muratidi (2 years old,  Novorossiysk, diagnosis: primary immunodeficiency), Marina Guseva (15 years old,  Strunino, Vladimir region, diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia), Milana Nuriloeva (15 years old, Stelitamak, diagnosis: neurofibromatosis), Nurizat Israilova (23 years old, Bishkek, Kyrgystan, diagnosis: anaplastic astrocytoma), Arina Prikhodko (1 year old, Armavir, Krasnodar Krai, diagnosis: juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia), Dasha Nikitina (4 year old, Neftekamsk, diagnosis: Burkitt's lymphoma) и Evgeny Predein (16 years old, Spassky village, Chelyabinsk region, diagnosis: osteosarcoma).

In addition, lawyers from Yekaterinburg within Global Legal Run 2021 supported 4 wards of the charity “Children of Russia”, collected almost 200.000 rubles.

The Race is annually attended by employees of Russian and foreign law companies, internal legal service companies, students and teachers of law faculties – in total more than 17 000 lawyers from more than 120 cities and 25 countries of the world ran their Legal Run in 2014-2021.

Photos and videos of the participants of the Legal Run 2021 flash mobs in different cities have already been published on the project website and are updated as materials from the participants become available.

Legal Run is a fundraising project. The contributions are collected during online registration, and the funds are directly transferred to the long-standing project partner – the “Podari Zhizn” charity foundation (and its sister branch in the UK «Gift of Life») and other local funds.  From 2014 to 2021 within the project we succeeded to raise more than 21 million rubles, which allowed to provide with necessary medical treatment to 80 seriously ill children from Russia and abroad. 

Legal Run is held under the auspices of Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg International Legal Forum and is traditionally dedicated to three events: 1 June - the Children's Day, 31 May - day of the Russian legal profession and World No Tobacco Day.

Mission of the project:

  • Volunteer fundraising within a certain professional community - is an incipient phenomenon in Russia. By our example we strive to contribute to the development of such projects, by our efforts and enthusiasm - to set high standards and to inspire other professions and associations to seek and implement similar ideas.
  • Uniting people and lifting them above their personal ambitions and business interests - is not that easy. But we do not take the road less traveled and continue to believe that the competitors can still be together, because making good deeds together is better and more interesting and effective. Charity in any format - whether it is being made alone, incognito, publicly or in association with other people - certainly is noble and deserves much respect. But it is so much cooler to be a part of something great and common!
  • Health of the Nation. Yes-yes, in spite of the pompous wording. You have no idea how many lawyers got into running after Legal Run. Our colleagues start their preparations for the race a few months before the start, engaging professional trainers and keeping themselves fit constantly throughout the year. There are many professional marathon runners among lawyers and every year their number is growing more. It's great to realize that step by step we help people feel healthier and happier, encouraging to improve their quality of life. And nothing motivates better than participation within your favorite corporate team!

As seen from the slogan RUN. SMILE. BEFRIEND, the project invites the professional lawyers community to unite and help those who struggle for their lives... Let us network, get acquainted, and together do something good - with pleasure and a smile, strengthening your body and spirit, as to run and overcome yourself is really a great feeling!

You can donate using your mobile phone. Send an SMS with the amount and the keyword to the short number 6162. For example 100 RUN or 1000 RUN.

ATTENTION ! When making a donation, you must use the keyword RUN. Please enter the keyword in the correct format to help us identify your donation as quickly as possible.