Moscow Legal Run 2024 charity race in Meshchersky Park

Meshchersky Park 18 May 2024, 11:00

Distance: 5 km, 10 km

On May 18, 2024 the main sporting event of the legal community - XI Charity run of lawyers Legal Run 2024 took place. For the first time the Moscow race venue was Meshchersky Park with the area of more than 465 hectares - an ideal place for active recreation, which perfectly combines amazing nature and developed infrastructure, harmoniously integrated into the natural environment, as well as many sports and entertainment facilities. About 1,300 runners aged 18 to 60 took part in the 5km and 10km races.

The official race results

5 km distance

Age group 18-39 years


  • 1st Place: Georgy Zhuravlev, Transneft (00:19:22)

  • 2nd Place: Guna Alexander, VERBA Legal (00:19:34)

  • 3rd Place: Fedor Petrik, Tax Compliance (00:20:50)


  • 1st Place: Anastasia Ostrovskaya, Private Practice (00:23:35)

  • 2nd Place: Svetlana Kireeva, GC PIK (00:24:52)

  • 3rd Place: Maria Letova, Spetsvmtech (00:25:10)

Age group 40-60 years


  • 1st Place: Andrey Malofeev, RNP (00:21:23)

  • 2nd Place: Dmitry Andreev, Orlova/Ermolenko (00:21:48)

  • 3rd Place: Sergey Vasin, FBK Legal (00:23:34)


  • 1st Place: Oksana Balayan, Balayan Group (00:26:15)

  • 2nd Place: Lonyan Tatiana, Private Practice (00:27:18)

  • 3rd Place: Marina Basova, Sibur (00:29:31)

10 km distance

Age group 18-39 years


  • 1st Place: Andrey Zhukov, Gagarin, Reznik & Partners (00:36:19)

  • 2nd Place: Vasily Andreev, MC Help (00:36:46)

  • 2nd Place: Leonid Mashkov, Taxology (00:36:46)

  • 3rd Place: Artem Kostikov, Private Law Research Center (00:37:53)


  • 1st Place: Tokranova Aida, Yandex (00:46:12)

  • 2nd Place: Maria Rodionova, Kosenkov & Suvorov (00:48:22)

  • 3rd Place: Svetlana Grebeneva, KIAP (00:49:36)

Age group 40-60 years


  • 1st Place: Evgeny Akimov, Sberbank (00:41:04)

  • 2nd Place: Alexander Nektorov, NSP (00:42:17)

  • 3rd Place: Anton Alexeev, EPAM (00:42:40)


  • 1st Place: Maria Pojnikova, Severstal (00:49:09)

  • 2nd Place: Elmira Kondratieva, Forward Legal (00:52:50)

  • 3rd Place: Anastasia Shaposhnikova, Yandex (00:53:26)

The results of all the participants of the race are available in the protocol at the link below:

Official results for the 5km race::

Official results for the 10km race:

The largest corporate team:

Traditionally, the Legal Run Organizing Committee determined the winner in the special nomination "The Biggest Corporate Team" of the Moscow Legal Run 2024 - the first place was taken by the law firm Lemchik, Krupsky & Partners with a team of more than 30 participants!

BBNP Law Firm prepared a gift for the winning team - a beautiful vinyl player with a set of records, so that the friendliest team of runners could reboot in the office, listening to the music of famous jazz and pop musicians of the world.

Among the law firms - leaders in terms of the number of participants in the team we can mention: Better Chance and AB EPAM, which had 24 runners each, Tomashevskaya & Partners - 22 runners, and Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Dyakin & Partners - 20 runners.

In total, more than 50 corporate teams from law firms as well as large legal departments of such companies as Severstal, Cherkizovo, SUEK, Positive Technologies, PEC, Transneft, Sberbank, Yandex, SIBUR and Tinkoff Bank competed for victory in the special category this year.

We thank you for your help

The Organizing Committee of the International Charity Run for Lawyers Moscow Legal Run 2024 expresses its deep and sincere gratitude to all those involved in the project:


Park Meshchersky and personally Tatiana Terekhova.

Musical artists:

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to personally thank the artists and their musical groups: legendary singer Linda and singer, composer and ambassador of the Gift of Life Foundation Mark Tishman - for their performances, contribution to the project and for helping to turn the Run into a real sports and music event!

To the team of “Podari Zhizn” Foundation

We warmly thank “Podari Zhizn” Foundation team for their help in organizing and carrying out the event in Meshchersky Park, and personally Ekaterina Shergova, Tatiana Khazbulatova, Tatiana Snesar, Yulia Pavlova and all the volunteers of the Foundation.

To the legal partners:

X5Group, Better Chance, EPAM, Mansors, Taxology, "Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Diakin & Partners (RGD), BGP Litigation, Land Law Firm, "Zabeida and Partners", Criminal Defense Firm, ZKS, Pen & Paper, AVERTA Group, Bartolius, Lemchik, Krupsky & Partners, Gin & Partners, Kulik & Partners, STRIZHAK & ASSOCIATES, Tax Compliance, Tomashevskaya & Partners, СС Pomosh, Benefit Litigation, GC  White Stone, Lidings, Ost Legal, FTL Advisers Ltd., Kosenkov and Suvorov, Doczilla, BBNP, S&K Vertikal, Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners (NSP), Orlova\Ermolenko, VEGAS LEX, "Kucher Kuleshov Maximenko & Partners (KKMP), Andrey Gorodissky & Partners, PEC, Ivanyan & Partners, YUKO Law Firm, KIAP, for sponsoring the race.

Special thanks to:

  • Separately, we would like to recognize and thank the law firms for their additional contribution to the project, namely:

  • Better Chance and the school of proper running I love running - for a cool sports warm-up, as well as treating all participants and guests of the event with ice cream;

  • Cherkizovo Group - for delicious snacks for participants before the start;

  • Lemchik, Krupsky & Partners - for a coffee point for everyone;

  • Tax Compliance - for the station with delicious smoothie for the guests of the event;

  • BGP Litigation - for appetizing hot corn;

  • Tomashevskaya & Associates for ice cream;

  • KIAP - for free photo-magnets for participants as a memento of the event;

  • Vegas Lex - for the chillout zone with comfortable and convenient pouffes for fans, as well as organization of everything necessary to create posters in support of the runners;

  • S&K Vertical and BGP Litigation - for bright inflatable balloons for an unforgettable festive atmosphere at the Run!

To Partners:

The main sports and technical partner of the Run - Grom team headed by Mikhail Gromov; SportSuvenirs Souvenirs and Gifts Workshop for engraving medals with the results of the Run; Samba Real show band drummers' collective.

To the host and DJ:

We would like to separately thank Legal Run's permanent host Andrei Arikh and DJ Denis Saushkin for their professional support of the project, quality music selections and the excellent mood they gave to the participants throughout the event.

To infopartners:

Legal Insight; Pravo.Ru;; Company Lawyer; Corporate Lawyer; LawFirm; M-Logos; Advokatskaya Gazeta; GARANT; RAPSI.

Special thanks to the legal edition Pravo.Ru for special prizes for the winners of the Run!

To Food-partners:

Hot Dog Bulldog Bulldog restaurant chain and Ruslan's coffee station.

To photographers:

Nikolai Pokrovsky, Alexander Rostokin, Maria Shalneva and Evgeny Studitsky. 

To Videographers:

Moscow full-cycle media production studio JK PRODUCTION and personally to Jaguar Kovalev, Boris Rzhanovsky, Maxim Akhtyrsky, Oleg Shilov, Anna Arefieva, Ivan Gromov, Daniil Rulev and Vladimir Runov.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their tremendous help on the grounds and on the track!

Volunteers: Anna Andreeva, Evgeniya Andreeva, Andrey Arikh, Alexey Bakuleva, Tatiana Bakuleva, Nadezhda Bobina, Rustam Bolshakov, Irina Bulgakova, Alexander Varchuk, Andrey Vershinin, Anastasia Vlasova, Lika Voyskova, Daria Grakova, Artem Gritsuk, Daria Dubrovina, Maria Dumcheva, Elizaveta Dyachenko, Sofia Yengurazova, Daniil Zherdev, Nikita Zabegaev, Maria Zaitseva, Dmitry Kazankov, Dmitry Kalinichenko, Alexander Kartashov, Igor Kovalev, Natalia Kovalkova, Andrey, Egor and Robert Korelsky, Natalia Korobeinikova, Elena Korobkova, Anastasia Kulkova, Mikhail Kunaev, Alexandra Luneva, Nikita Lutsky, Vladislav Malyshev, Nora Malysheva, Lyubov Mahlay, Anatoly Pavlov, Yulia Paushkina, Tatiana Panyaeva, Tatiana Pakhtova, Tikhon Popov, Ekaterina Popova, Stepan Rozhkov, Anna Salivon, Denis Saushkin, Ekaterina Spakhova, Natalia Starovoitova, Maria Starovoitova, Saveliy Suzhansky, Roman Suslov, Tamara Filinykh, Victoria Shatokhina, Svetlana Shmigelskaya.

AGPS of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia: Kirill Bashlakov, Maxim Vasiliev, Evgeny Vikulin, Zakhar Gavrikov, Vladislav Grebenyuk, Akim Dmitriev, Arina Dolmatova, Sofia Yevlakhova, Ksenia Yesikova, Ivan Efremov, Danil Zagvozdin, Sergey Zakharov, Mikhail Zemlyanukhin, Nikita Zubkoa, Adrian Ilyukhin, Nikita Ishmuratov, Boris Kirsanov, Alexei Kopylov, Egor Krupenkov, Anna Kurepkina, Vladislav Kushkin, Ilya Lobashev, Ekaterina Malykhina, Natalia Malko, Azat Manurov, Dmitry Martynov, Roman Nemtsev, Elena Okhotnikova, Alexander Pimenov, Kristina Pozigun, Pavel Pus, Nikita Ryazantsev, Elizaveta Sazonova, Maxim Samoilov, Bulat Sanchat, Yulia Tambasova, Alexei Uzhonkov, Kirill Ulanov, Sofia Khambikova, Nikita Chutiev, Ivan Shishkanov.

Together we make this world a better place!

Thank you for your friendship, warmth and support!

Run. Smile. Help! Беги. Улыбайся. Помогай

Dear Friends,

Who left a pair of white iPhone headphones, white wired headphones (the company is not specified), lost an earring and forgot a purple T-shirt at the race, please contact us at the bureau of lost persons Legal run to

A big photo report will be ready very soon! In the meantime, you can find your photos at the following link:


Organizing Committee of the International Charity Run

Legal Run 2024




8:30 Opening the start/finish camp; assignment of numbers to the participants for the 5km and 10km; opening the locker rooms and the storage room
10:30 Closing the assignment of numbers for the 5km and 10km runners
10:30 – 10:45 Warm-up
10:45 – 10:55 Line-up in the start zone
11:00 5km and 10km Mass start
11:45 Closure of the 5km distance
12:30 Closure of the 10km distance
12:30 Award ceremony for winners and medalists for the 5km and 10km runs
13:30 Official closure
10:00 - 13:30 Music performance, sports entertainment

Rules of the Run

Rules of the Run

Size: 348.0 Kb


Size: 350.4 Kb


The race is arranged by the professional team consisting of lawyers, marathon runners, marketing experts, volunteers and simply passionate representatives of several Russian law firms who are fond of sports and «smart charity». The race will be held in accordance with the sports minutes in compliance with all the rules and standards of conduct for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.


Парк Мещерский

Official partners

X5 Group
Рыбалкин, Горцунян, Дякин и Партнеры
BGP Litigation
Land Law Firm
Забейда и Партнеры
Адвокатское бюро
Лемчик Крупский
Гин и партнеры
Kulik & Partners Law.Economics
Стрижак и Партнеры
Tax Compliance
Томашевская и Партнеры
White Stone
OST Legal
FTL Advisers
Kosenkov & Suvorov
S&K Вертикаль
Vegas lex
Кучер Кулешов Максименко и партнеры
УК Помощь
Андрей Городисский и партнеры
Иванян и партнеры

Media partners

Legal Insight
Право ру
Закон ру
Юрист компании
Корпоративный юрист
Адвокатская газета

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