Volga Legal Run 2019 in Nizhny Novgorod

25 May 2019, 09:00

Distance: 2 km, 6 km

On May 25, 2019, the main sporting event of the legal community of Nizhny Novgorod - Volga Legal Run - took place in the Avtozavodsky park. The Avtozavodsky Park, one of the oldest parks in the city, a unique object built in the era of Stalinist architecture of the 30s-50s of the 20th century, traditionally became the venue for the Nizhny Novgorod race. The race track passed along the asphalt paths and birch avenues of the park.  

Official results of the Run

6 km distance


  • 1-st Place: Sviridov Alexey (00:20:05)
  • 2-d Place: Rumyantsev Denis (00:21:02)
  • 3-d Place: Makeev Nikolay (00:21:02)


  • 1-st Place: Dodonova Anna (00:25:32)
  • 2-d Place: Ulyanova Kristina (00:27:10)
  • 2-d Place: Kozyreva Alexandra (00:27:15)

6 km distance


  • 1-st Place: Postvaykin Kirill (00:06:10)
  • 2-d Place: Tryanina Victor (00:08:35)
  • 2-d Place: Markelov Mikhail (00:08:38)


  • 1-st Place: Bayusheva Daria (00:07:40)
  • 2-d Place: Dodonova Anna (00:08:04)
  • 2-d Place: Novotorova Marina (00:08:27)

The results of all participants are available at the link:

Official results of the race for 2 km and 6 km

We thank for the assistance

The Organising Committee of the International Charitable Run of Lawyers Volga Legal Run 2019 expresses its deep and sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the project

For the support:

Avtozavodsky Park for providing the site and organizational support during the event

Legal partners:

Grazhdanskiye kompensatsii, Nasonov, Pirogov & Partners, Voinov, Maslov and Partners, Timofeev / Cherepnov / Kalashnikov, Yakovlev and Partners, YURSA, Lexta, Registrar Society STATUS for financial and organizational support for Volga Legal Run 2019


Expert group VETA, AQUANIKA, Beresta Family Workshop for their invaluable support in organizing the Run

Info partners:

Delovoy Kvartal Nizhny Novgorod - and personally Svetlana Luzanova, Media Portal Stolitsa Nizhniy - and personally Yevgeny Derevianko for informational support of the Run


Students of Nizhny Novgorod universities, employees of law firms and Zumba Fitness support group

We are really proud that together with you we have done everything for the Volga Legal Run 2019 to happen and bring so much good!


9:00 Opening of the start and finish campus, the beginning of the assignment of numbers to participants at a distance of 2 and 6 km, the beginning of the work of changing rooms.
10:00 – 10:30     The opening ceremony of the race, the welcoming word of the organizers. Closing the assignment of numbers at a distance of 2 and 6 km
10:30 Children's 500 m race
10:40 – 10:55 Warm up
10:55 – 11:00 Placement of participants in the starting area
11:00 Start at a distance of 6 km
11:40 – 11:55 Warm up
11:55 – 12.00 Placement of participants in the starting area
12:00 Start at a distance of 2 km
13:00-13:30 Awarding Ceremony for winners and prize-winners at 2 km and 6 km
13:30 – 14:00 Official closing

Rules of the Run

Rules of the Run

Size: 94.2 Kb


Size: 60.2 Kb


The race is arranged by the group of lawyers in Nizhniy Novgorod who understand the importance of supporting charity projects. The race will be held in accordance with the sports minutes in compliance with all the rules and standards of conduct for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.

Nasonov, Pirogov & Partners
Войнов, Маслов и Партнеры
Экспертная группа VETA

Main Sponsor

Гражданские компенсации

By support of

Автозаводский парк

Legal partners

Тимофеев Черепнов Калашников
Яковлев и партнеры



Media partners

Столица Нижний
Деловой квартал Нижний Новгород
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Volga Legal Run Orgteam
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