Amur Legal Run 2024 in Blagoveshchensk

Druzhba Park (south entrance) 9 June 2024, 09:00

Distance: 1,3 km, 2,6 km

On June 09, 2024, Amur Legal Run will be held, this year the venue for it is the picturesque Druzhba Park -

Lawyers, law firms, as well as all those involved and not indifferent, we invite you to take part in Amur Legal Run.

Legal Run is a unique project that has been uniting representatives of the professional community of lawyers all over the world since 2014 to support the beneficiaries of the “Podari Zhizn” Charitable Foundation.

During its history, Legal Run project has gained unprecedented geographical coverage from Blagoveshchensk to Kaliningrad. Over 22,000 lawyers from more than 150 cities and 30 countries took part in the run from 2014 to 2023.

Contributions are collected during online registration for the race. Contributions are made in favor of Podari Zhizn Charitable Foundation to provide targeted assistance to its beneficiaries. This is a great opportunity to do a useful, good deed!!!

Run. Smile. Help Run. Smile. Help

See you at the race!

For partnership and support questions:

Organizers of the event - Dmitry Dontsov & Partners Law Firm, Arpenik Law Firm


Dmitry Dontsov

+7 962 285 55 60

Arpenik Galoyan

+7 (962) 283-81-30


Vladivostok Legal Run 2024



Opening of the start camp, beginning of the allocation of numbers to participants for the 1.3 km and 2.6 km distances.


Closing of the procedure for assigning race distance numbers

10:35- 10:45 

Race opening ceremony, welcome from organizers, sponsors, etc.


Warm-up of participants before the race


Gathering in the starting area for the 2.6 km race


Start for the distance of 2.6 km


Closing the 2.6 km distance


Gathering of participants in the starting area of the 1.3 km race.


Start for the 1.3 km distance


Closing of the 1.3 km distance


Awarding ceremony for winners and runners-up


Formal closing


Musical performances, entertainment, photography

Rules of the Run

Rules of the Run

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The race is arranged by the professional team consisting of lawyers, marathon runners, marketing experts, volunteers and simply passionate representatives of several Russian law firms who are fond of sports and «smart charity». The race will be held in accordance with the sports minutes in compliance with all the rules and standards of conduct for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.   

Дмитрий Донцов и партнеры
АРПЕНИК & партнеры

By support of

Школа танца «Трафик»

Official partners

Атлас Майнинг

By Credit Cards



You can donate using your mobile phone. Send an SMS with the amount and the keyword to the short number 6162. For example 100 RUN or 1000 RUN.

ATTENTION ! When making a donation, you must use the keyword RUN. Please enter the keyword in the correct format to help us identify your donation as quickly as possible.