Global flash mob of lawyers Global Legal Run

May-June 2021

Global Legal Run is a satellite legal flash mob created in support of the main Legal Run project around the world. From 2014 to 2020, flash mobs of lawyers have passed almost in all continents in hundreds of cities around the world: in Russia - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and in the world - from New Zealand to Miami.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictions on sports and other public events, the Global Legal Run campaign was held instead of official Runs in 2021 to support children under care of “Podari Zhizn”/Gift of Life charity this year. 

To run your own flash mob Global Legal Run, you only need to:

  • Pass the Registration, for us to mark your city on the map.

  • Make a donation: the recommended donation should be not less than £15 from each flash mob participant.

  • Run! Alone, with your family, friends or colleagues any distance on one of the agreed days. You can choose any nearby park, embankment or stadium.

  • You may send us photos or videos from the run and we will upload them to our website. We will place your files in the Media section and your flash mob will remain in the history of the project for a long time.

Photo materials, as well as the final videos of the Legal Run 2020 flash mobs in different cities, have already been published on the project website (see Media section) and are being constantly updated.

Thank you for your support!

Here you can download Global Legal Run logo if you want to make personalized t-shirts, flags, posters, badges and other materials that will help you to make your run bright and unforgettable! We do not forbid the participants to use their own logos for putting on sports attributes, but we ask you not to distort the main Global Legal Run logo, not to change the proportions of elements in the logo, not to add new elements to it and not to change the color.

Download logo for your sport equipment

Download logo for your sport equipment

If you cannot run but wish to support children in the Gift of Life’s care, please make any voluntary donation under "I will help, but won’t run" button on our website or directly on «Gift of Life» campaign page.

Cities where Global Legal Run 2014-2023 flash mobs of lawyers took place

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