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Tomsk Legal Run 2017 Charity Run on Lower terrace of the Lagerniy Sad

Tomsk, Lower terrace of the Lagerniy Sad

Дистанция: 2 км, 10 км

On 20 May 2017 the main sporting event of the Tomsk legal community - Tomsk Legal Run was held on the Lower Terrace of the Lagerniy Sad. Lagerniy Sad is a park in the Kirovsky district of Tomsk, on the right side of Tom river. It was named after summer camps of the Tomsk 39th Infantry Regiment (39th Infantry Tomsk HIH Austrian Archduke Ludwig Victor Regiment), which were located there in the XVIII century. In 1979, a memorial of the military and labor glory of Tomsk citizens was erected in the center of the park. The Lagerniy Sad is one of the favorite places for residents and visitors of the city, remarkable not only for its famous observation platforms, but also for organizing entertainment, sporting events, and leisure time for Tomsk citizens.

The Race Winners

2 km distance


1-st place: Timofeev Evgeny (00:06:14)

2-nd place: Mytarev Alexandr (00:06:49)

3-rd place: Serebrennikov Evgeny (00:07:10)


1-nd place: Baturina Galina (00:07:31)

2-nd place: Seryakova Marina (00:08:17)     

3-rd place: Akulova Svetlana (00:08:39)

10 km distance


1-st place: Vedernikov Mikhail (00:36:03)

2-nd place: Nesterov Andrey (00:36:32)

3-rd place: Slobodyanyuk Petr (00:37:13)    


1-st place: Ganieva Elmira (00:45:59)

2-nd place: Gorbanovskaya Darya (00:49:10)

3-rd place: Iriskina Elena (00:51:42)         

Apart from winners of the races for 2 and 10 km distance, the jury determined "The largest corporate team of the Tomsk Legal Run 2017" - the prize was given to the corporate team of Home Credit Bank - 62 participants!    



(Размер: 140.8 Кб)

Регламент забега

Регламент забега

Размер: 108.1 Кб


Размер: 88.4 Кб


The race is arranged by the professional team consisting of lawyers, marathon runners, marketing experts, volunteers and simply passionate representatives of Russian law firms who are fond of sports and «smart charity». The race will be held in accordance with the sports minutes in compliance with all the rules and standards of conduct for the sport events: emergency ambulances, beverage points, references, professional judicial team etc.

We thank for the assistance

The Organising Committee of the International Charitable Run of Lawyers Tomsk Legal Run 2017 represented by Dmitry and Yekaterina Lizunovs, Kirill Alexandrov, Natalia Grechikhina, Yelena Alexeyeva, Vyacheslav Baldin and Sergey Telitsin expresses its deep and sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the project:

Legal partners:

LL.C-Pravo Law Firm for its financial and organisational support of the Tomsk Legal Run 2017


For invaluable support in organising and holding the Run:

·         I Love Running correct running school and personally Kirill Alexandrov

·         Home Credit Bank and all the corporate team

·         Palex Translation Company and personally Pavel Koshak and Anna Zhuk

·         ООО Siberian Innovative Systems and personally Semen Spitsin

·         Anteprima fashion store and personally Irina Shabashova

·         Artlife and personally Tatiana Anatolievna Avstriyevskikh

·         OAO Ayan

·         OOO Advertising Services Centre

·         Asgard functional training hall

·         Hammer Sport fitness club

Info partners:

Tomsky Obzor internet publication and personally Yelena Fatkulina

Dorogoye Udovolstviye  magazine and personally Natalia Almaer

For the support:

Tomsk City Administration for its assistance and media coverage of the project

Notary Chamber of Tomsk Region  for the project media coverage

Bar of Tomsk Region for the project media coverage and assistance in organising the run

Law Institute of Scientific Research Institute of Tomsk State University for the assistance in the project media coverage and organisational support

PAO Sibur Holding for its assistance and media coverage of the project

Underwater Sports Federation of Tomsk Region for its assistance in the project organisation and prizes for the run winners.

Sibirsky Zhakhar Trading and Manufacturing Company for gifts granted to the run participants.

Podruzhka Nevesty beauty salon for gifts granted to the run winners in women's categories.

Kettlebell Lifting Federation of Tomsk Region for the participation in the entertainment programme of the charitable run

Team of Thai boxers of X-Men Muay Thai Club for the participation in the entertainment programme of the charitable run

Skillz street dancing school for gifts granted to children's run participants, and participation in the entertainment programme of the charitable run

Forestry Department of Tomsk for its assistance in the organisation and media coverage of the project

ООО Derevenskoe Molochko for supporting the run participants and gifts granted

Kompot Bufet Cafe and OOO Esta (33 Pingvina brand) for their assistance in arranging spots to eat for the run participants


Volunteers of Alena Petrova Charitable Foundation for their assistance in organising the run, careful and responsible attitude to their duties

Organising Committee of the Legal Run and personally Andrey Korelsky, Irina Bulygina and Irina Bulgakova for organisational and methodological support, careful and patient attitude to the cities participating in the run.

We are really proud that together with you we have done everything for the Legal Run 2017 to happen and bring so much good!

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Подружка невесты
Сибирский знахарь
Skillz School
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Home credit
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Hammer Sport
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