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Dubai Legal Run 2024

Kite Beach 27 апреля 2024, 07:00

Дистанция: 5 км

On April 27, Dubai Legal Run 2024 was held in Dubai to kick off the series of events of the Legal Run International Charity Project.

The run took place along Kite Beach, allowing participants to enjoy views of the open sea and the Burj Al Arab Hotel, one of Dubai's most famous landmarks.

More than 20 lawyers and their friends took to the treadmill early in the morning to have a good time. The run ended with breakfast and networking. Photo and video coverage has already been posted on the website at the link.

All funds raised by the Dubai Legal Run were donated to “Podari Zhizn” Foundation.

The Legal Run Organizing Committee would like to thank the UPPERCASE LEGAL team for their active participation in the organization of the race.

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